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Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall is almost here, but we are thinking Spring 2016!

Hey everyone! So I know its been AGES since I did a blog post, but hey, I've been busy!! We had our Grand Opening in August which was a huge success thanks to our new assistant, Ashley Hoppes' hard work! We got to celebrate with old friends who have been along for the ride with us over the last 3 years, as well as with our new friends in Denver!

It's been back to business ever since the party and we have been working hard to bring you all our S/S 2016 collection, "Whirlwind"!

I have been thinking a lot about the direction of the company and objectives for this collection and really, this is the "Make It Or Break It" collection. We are excited to be producing our collection through the Denver Fashion Design Center with help from Lisa and Brian. Their expertise will assure that this collection is of the highest quality construction aannndd allows us to support the industry right here in our home city! In addition, our main fabric is a stretch recycled polyester and hemp chambray, as being as eco friendly as possible is one of our company objectives. 

Whirlwind features updated versions of Puff and Flash, styles our customers know and love. (Don't believe me? Check out some testimonials on our homepage @ ) It also is enhanced by new separates that compliment the classics:) The "Bolt" pants feel like your wearing nothing. Like, no pants. None. Just air. Flowing freely around your bottom half. It's pretty epic. 

So c-mon ladies and gentleman!!! Support us! Get yourself something from the collection! Get your mom something, your little sister something, your brother's girlfriend something, your wife's besty something, your roommate who has grocery shopped the last three weeks in a row something, you get the gist;)

I need all of your help and support to turn our samples into a production run!! We are running up to a size 12 this time so all of you curvy hotties who are lucky enough not to be shaped like a soda can like me, show off them curves!!!!

Over the next week I will be finalizing our Kickstarter campaign, so keep a look out on our social media for when that goes live! This will allow you to pre order a piece from Whirlwind or donate to receive special BMAV gifts made with love just for you:) 

On the wholesale business side of things, my mentor and fabric source, Jay Arbetman from The Sourcing District has told me how cool and up and coming Nashville is. Turns out, he is right! (Per usual:)) and therefore, I am planning a sales trip to Nashville for the second week in November! Anyone know of boutiques that we might be a good fit for or cool places we shouldn't miss while we are there give me a shout @ . 



Thursday, June 18, 2015

The New Digs in D Town!

Welcome to our new digs! Blackberry Maverick is up and running in Denver! Come by to shop our retail selection,...
Posted by Blackberry Maverick on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Climb up the fire escape at the 751 and this is what you'll find

Since my last post so many things have happened! Story of our lives, haha. 

My downstairs neighbor came up to check out our current Colorado Springs space last month and told me how she turns up her cricket nature sound thingy so she can sleep since we work late into the night. She was also entirely puzzled as to when we actually slept and how we maintained our day jobs, ha. 

In addition, she couldn't comprehend why people needed to walk around in heels at 2am most nights.... I just shrugged and smiled, we live on a totally different wavelength then the rest of the world.

I've done a couple stints on the runway recently, one in what has been named the, "Trout Dress" at a fashion show for Veda Salon and Spa. Me. Modeling. REDIC!!!!! At least I had a backup plan - If I ate shit on the runway, I was just going to lie there and flop around like a fish until someone helped me.

We also have been checking out fabrics that are recycled poly, hemp, organic cotton and other beautiful eco friendly blends and are super excited to be utilizing them in our next production run!!!!

I can't wait for swatches from Jay at The Sourcing District  showcasing the new line of Eco Friendly fabrics by Kendor Textiles in Canada. 

It was awesome to get to hang out with Dan Rimmon at the Fashion Design Center in Denver. We plan on utilizing the center for LOCAL PRODUCTION for our next collection! 

Lexi went to Phoenix and got some great shots of our dresses on the runway for a charity show and then we did another in Denver to support St. Judes Hospital!

The custom orders keep coming in and we have been spending some quality time in the office. 

Just to give you a glimpse of what a day in the life is like imagine the following: getting down to the Glitch Mob, Beats Antique, Die Antwoord, and what has become our theme song as of recent, "Push and Shove" by No Doubt. There is the occasional 90's alternative moments as well, gettin' our grunge on with Nine Inch Nails, some A Chains, Tool and Soundgarden.

Joey, one of our HMUA's did my hair the other day and announced, while sweeping the floor, that she might have swept up more glitter, thread, pins, fabric bits and feathers then actual hair..... TRUTH.

My trash is constantly overflowing with togo boxes from taco express and empty bottles of shitty Vodka, OJ, and the occasional Four Loco.....Yes. I'll own that shit.

We need a new ironing board because it is covered in hot glue and our crimpers now have glitter melted to them.... life is rough I tell you!

I woke up on the couch/bed, (which is a mattress in our living room propped up on big green, my super old suitcase that I refuse to let go, a steamer trunk, and the remains of a piece of shit couch I chose on Ebay), to a love note from KJ another one of my HMUA's and a bag of sour patch kids, still wearing heels from the night before.

We have family dinners and all do our part to take out the trash. We share clothes, shoes, blankets, ciggies and drink way to much coffee. 

We have a quote book. The word "Shenanigans" has a special place in my heart, and the words "Perf" and "Totes" are used excessively (to Lexi's dismay.) 

Some people work best in an office with their laptop, surrounded by organizers and ambient music. Others work better in the field, outside, building with their hands. Others work better on the go, driving from place to place, checking things off the list.

This is how we work. Late into the night, taking breaks to paint each others toenails, swapping projects when we hit a wall, getting feedback and advice from the many talented individuals that pop by all throughout the days and nights. 

At any given moment I can look up from my project to see an amazing photograph that was taken, painting that was made, hairpiece that was built, roledex that was organized or hairstyle that was created.

I can take a break and watch these beautiful, creative people that I am proud to say I love radiating beauty and happiness as they share their lives with me. I am the luckiest girl in the world and as Lex and I sat smoking on the fire escape squeezing each other, we didn't even have the words.

On May 14th, 2015, Blackberry Maverick turned 3. When we started out, Lex and I sat day dreaming on the front porch of my old house about what it would be like when we had an actual office. Give it 5 years I said, and we will be there. Well, In reality it's 3 years and 16 days.

On June 1st we are moving to Denver into Live/Work unit #5 in LoHi, where Blackberry Maverick will officially have a Retail and Office space with a loft apartment above:) 2 dogs and 3 women in a one bedroom:):):) Lets Get COOOZZZYY!!! It's a good thing we love the fuck out of each other and also can tell each other to GTFO if need be :) Again, PINCH, We are living the dream. 

2785 N. Speer Blvd.

Unit L/W05
Denver, CO 80211

Well, now that I have talked your ear off for ever, I will leave you with this: Camel Toe = Don't Serge The Edges!!!! Come visit us in our new space and you might find out what this means;)